Bone Conduction Technology

Bone Conduction Glasses

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Bone Conduction Headphones

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Bone Conduction Vocalization

Double protection of listening / protects privacy

IP67 Waterproof

No fear of sweat

TR90 Touch Lightweight Material

Memory polymer material / Easy to carry-onlow friction coefficient

APTX Sound Quality

CD-level audio decoding

Qualcomm Chip 5.0

Respond faster

Voice Assistant

One key to wake up / care for bright eyes, safe driving

Military Grade Bone Conduction Technology

Double protection of listening

Different from traditional bluetooth glasses sound technology, bone conduction glasses can ensure the wearer while hearing clearly, it greatly reduces the leakage of sound waves, protects privacy and does not interfere with others.

One Touch to unlock smart experience

Long touch the right temple touch button for five seconds to turn on/off.

Tap the right temple touch button once to play/pause music.

Tap the right temple touch button once to answer/end the call.

Voice Assistant

Audio driving mirror

One key to wake up the voice assistant to meet the needs intelligent optimization, care for bright eyes, safe driving.

TR90 Material

Memory polymer material, internationally popular light frame material with strong toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, low friction coefficient.

We Are Looking For Distributor & Agent

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Profits Plan A

The bone conduction glasses you have to sell 199usd. Don't mess market. The product cost 85USD. Deliver from China to USA customer 32usd deliver cost. the Tiktok influencer will share 40USD/per unit Glasses profit.

Retail Price SellingProduct CostDeliver CostInfluencer Profits
If sell: 250pcs/month. Estimate profit: 250×40=10000USD/month
If sell: 500pcs/month. Estimate profit: 500×40=20000USD/month
If sell: 1000pcs/month. Estimate profit: 1000×40=40000USD/month

Profits Plan B

The bone conduction glasses you can sell higher retails price more than USD199. Don't selling less than USD199 that will ok. The product cost we give you 157USD. included Deliver from China to USA end user customer (32usd deliver cost). the Tiktok influencer will share Glasses profit depend how much you selling.see below:

Product CostDeliver CostInfluencer Pay Okayzon
If you sell 219USD/per you will get: 62USD/per unit
If you sell 259USD/per you will get: 102USD/per unit
If you sell 299USD/per you will get: 142USD/per unit

We are looking for the Distributor. To be our Distributor, you will get very good Pricing and Occupy the Bone Conduction market. Please fill out the form below, We will reply to your email within 24 hours. Looking forward to you becoming our Distributor.

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