With the popularization of wireless led projector among many people, especially at the level of home projectors, they closely follow traditional TVs, and due to the special circumstances in 2020, they will be more effective in studying and working at home, games, entertainment, sports and fitness. The requirements have increased greatly, promoting the purchase of home projectors.

Then choose a good portable wireless led projector to start with the following aspects:
1. Small and portable
As can be seen from the name, the portable wireless led projector needs to be small, so that it can be convenient for us to carry it with us. But this also leads to a problem, that is, the heat dissipation capacity may not be comparable to that of home projectors. As the saying goes: You can’t have both fish and bear’s paws. Since you choose to be portable, you have to give up some things.
2. Endurance
Battery life is a major feature of portable wireless led projector, which is not available in other types of projectors. Generally, portable wireless led projector have a built-in battery with a certain capacity, which can still keep the projector for 2-3 hours of use when it is not connected to an outlet, and it can even be used as a power bank.

3. Complete functions
Portable wireless led projector, small and portable, but the most important thing is that it must be fully functional.
For example, auto-focus, you can get a clear picture when you turn on it; keystone correction, the picture can be kept square at any time; voice function, you can directly voice what you want to see; install software, without too many restrictions on any installation; shortcut operation, let you one-click Up and so on.
4. Price
Finally, there is the price. The price of wireless led projector of different brands is different. There are one or two thousand, and there are more than five thousand. As for which one is good, it is naturally high in price, but the price is not high, and the money is completely You can choose a good home projector, so the portable wireless led projector is not based on the high price, but the high cost performance.

A good wireless led projector can replace and replace some of our daily life objects and activities:
1. Completely replace MP5 players, video, listening to songs, playing games, e-books, picture browsing, etc. MP5 video is affected by physical performance, the screen can not be bigger, and this thing has a screen of at least 20 inches.
2. Instead of the TV function, the machine can have built-in CMMB function, or it can be directly connected to a set-top box to put a TV, and it can be a 21-inch TV during the day
Look, at night, use a 60-100 inch TV to achieve the home theater effect; it is convenient to move and break through the traditional film and television space. Even if you are on the mountain, you can also share today’s TV series, movies, and MTV with your lovers.
3. Business office: instead of large projectors, the company has a meeting function; the price of large projectors is 4000 to 14000, and the lamp life is more than 1000 hours, which is not convenient to carry. The price of micro projectors is about 3000 yuan, and the lamp life 30000 hours, 3 years, no need to change the bulb, easy to carry, the salesperson only needs to bring a micro projector to demonstrate the new product, that can achieve the demonstration effect.
4. Teaching: training meetings, classroom teaching; traditional projectors are not easy to carry, in school classrooms due to the naughty of students, projectors are not safe to put in the classroom, easy to be damaged by students, the portability of micro projectors makes up for the teaching vacancy, In the future, the teacher only needs to store the materials in the projector to show the students to teaching, eliminating the trouble of textbooks and handwriting with pens and chalk.

From a technical perspective:
Hand-held wireless led projector can be classified from two aspects:
1. From the perspective of light source, micro-projection can be divided into LED and laser light source.
2. From the perspective of the display chip, it can be divided into LCoS technology and DLP technology. Among them, LCoS’s realization of color is divided into two ways: color sequence type and color filter type.
Hand-held wireless led projector are classified into two categories according to multimedia audio-visual decoding and memory device function vendors:
Multimedia type: Multimedia type is the machine’s own memory storage space can even be expanded, and can automatically decode and play audio and video files.
Non-multimedia type: Non-multimedia type is similar to traditional machine and must be connected to a computer to be put.

The mini wireless led projector home theater effect has occupied 50% of the home theater market share. In just one year from 2009 to 2010, the power of projection to the home theater has defeated the color TV and occupied the peak of the market, especially Its unique CMMB function and the function of directly watching TV by connecting to a set-top box, processing built-in storage, can download the latest online movies and listening to songs and other functions, is already irreplaceable by color TV, and wireless led projector will surely occupy the future home theater market.
In addition, the wireless led projector has no radiation, which can fully protect pregnant women and people with myopia. Its low power consumption function is 1/1000000 of the power consumption of a color TV. Even if you watch TV for a year, you can’t use it. One day’s electricity has completely impacted the indicators of safety, environmental protection, and health, making an amazing contribution to future social development, standing at the pinnacle of the green world as a leader.

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