Iphone 12 is very popular in market, and More and more people like the iphone 12, but which iphone 12 charger is better?  Do you know What kind of charger does the iPhone 12 use?

The iPhone 12 series released by Apple took a hit in the mobile market. In fact, this phone does not come with a charger. Although you may plan to pay an extra fee to buy an out-of-the-box charger, many people are speculating whether you can use the old charger to charge the new iPhone 12. We have received many inquiries from our customers and related customers. Some people claim that the old wireless charger is compatible with the MagSafe charging function, others simply don’t know.

In this article, we will try to reveal the truth. If you can really complete the old charger or not, you will learn about it in the following article.


Can you charge the iPhone 12 with the old charger?

A short answer-it depends! Although the new MagSafe charger is only compatible with the new series, it can also be used with older iPhones that have wireless charging capabilities.


However, since the old iPhone does not have a magnetic rear function, you may not be able to fix your iPhone to an ideal charging position, and you need to manually locate it. Only the iPhone 12 series supports it. Other models, such as the iPhone 11 series, iPhone SE second generation, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8 and 8 Plus, can simply be placed on the MagSafe connector, however, they will not lock in place. AirPods Pro, the second generation of AirPods with wireless charging box, and the wireless charging box of AirPods are also compatible.


If you plan to use a lightning to USB-c cable to charge the device, you can still use the old USB adapter to connect it to the charging cable to charge the device. If you are using an old wireless charger, the iPhone 12 series will not have any problems.


20W USB-C Mini PD Charger


Mini fast charging

Safe and sturdy

Compact and durable

Smart charging function

When you may be looking for an after-sales charger online, it is important that you choose the best one that is safe and meets the power value as well. The first product on our list comes from ESR, which is 20% smaller than the iPhone PD charger. Although its scale is small, its influence cannot be underestimated. The charger can charge at twice the speed of a standard charger.

This device is safe in use and quite sturdy. Features such as FCC, CE and rohs certification prove this point. The safety tip can prevent your charger from falling from its original position. Although these characteristics are enough to convince you to buy accessories, flame retardant characteristics and the ability to withstand 5000 plug-ins and sockets are another reason why this is the best choice. In addition, the ability to resist strong corrosion automatically detects and provides the best charge to your device, making the device an irresistible choice.


Magnetic Wireless Charger

Although you may have seen many other chargers, the magnetic ring on this charger allows your iPhone to be perfectly concentrated on the charging board for faster and more stable charging.

This magnetic wireless charger is specially made for the iPhone 12 series. The product consists of a heat-dissipating metal frame and a series of safety measures to help the iPhone keep cool during the charging process.

The heat-dissipating metal frame and a set of built-in safety measures keep your iPhone 12 cool and safe while charging. If you are worried that the lights on the charger will disturb you and prevent you from falling asleep peacefully, after a minute, the soft-state lights will turn off, allowing you to fall asleep without interference from the lights. The thin and compact design will be an ideal complement to your night light.

The ESR brand is trusted by the world for providing accessories that cater to the Apple family of devices. So you can be sure of the quality this accessory will provide you.


While you may be apprehensive about using the old charger with your new Apple iPhone 12 series, we hope this article answered all your queries regarding the same. While you may be considering options in the market, two of them shared here are certainly the best. Also, make sure to keep your personal preferences in mind.


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