The noise cancelling earphone bluetooth is the application of Bluetooth technology to the hands-free headset, allowing users to avoid the annoying wires and make calls easily in various ways. Since the advent of noise cancelling earphone bluetooth, it has been a good tool for mobile business people to improve efficiency.
Bluetooth is a low-cost and large-capacity short-range wireless communication specification. Bluetooth laptops are laptops with Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities. There is a legend about the name Bluetooth. In the 10th century AD, when the princes of Northern Europe were fighting for hegemony, the King of Denmark stepped forward. With his unremitting efforts, the bloody war was stopped and all parties sat at the negotiating table. Through communication, the princes relieved their suspicions and became friends. Because the king of Denmark loves to eat blueberries so much that his teeth are dyed blue, he is called the king of Bluetooth, so Bluetooth has become synonymous with communication. Today, a thousand years later, when a new wireless communication specification was introduced, people used Bluetooth to name it. In 1995, Ericsson first proposed the Bluetooth concept. The Bluetooth specification uses microwave frequency bands, with a transmission rate of 1M bytes per second, and a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters. The transmission power can be increased to 100 meters. Bluetooth technology is open globally and has good compatibility worldwide. The whole world can be connected through a low-cost invisible Bluetooth network.

Noise cancelling earphone bluetooth specifications: HSP, HFP, A2DP

As for the purchase of noise cancelling earphone bluetooth, because there are many brands of mobile phones and headsets, the most troublesome issue for consumers is the compatibility between mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets. The manufacturer pointed out that Bluetooth headsets have three specifications: HeadsetPro-file (HSP), HandfreeProfile (HFP) and A2DP. HSP provides the basic functions required for communication between mobile phones (mobile phones) and headsets. HandfreeProfile (HFP) adds some extended functions on the basis of HeadsetPro-file (HSP). Originally, it was only used to control mobile phones by fixing the car hands-free device from the Bluetooth headset. A2DP (Advanced Audio Transmission Specification)-allows the transmission of stereo audio signals. (Compared to the mono encryption used for HSP and HFP, the quality is much better). Decide the compatibility of the headset and the mobile phone.
In addition, when consumers purchase Bluetooth products, they often encounter the problem of how to choose the Bluetooth technology version. Different Bluetooth versions are related to the quality of the received signal. The new version emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference, and all the latest versions of Bluetooth are designed to be downward. Compatible with all previous versions. Devices of version 2.0 and version 1.1 can also be connected freely. 3.0 is relatively compatible and is a relatively mature technology. Bluetooth 4.0 is also compatible with high versions and low versions, and battery life is also due to technical tips. Increase, consumers should weigh price and demand when purchasing.

Noise cancelling earphone bluetooth use distance: not only depends on the headset
Another important decision point of the Bluetooth headset is the transmission distance, which has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version, but depends on the Bluetooth technology PowerClass. Most mobile phones and mobile devices use PowerClass2 with a standard transmission distance of 10 meters. The upgraded PowerClass1 increases the transmission distance to 100 meters. Both versions support the A2DP stereo transmission protocol and can be interconnected with stereo headsets. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is not too far. If there is no big obstacle in the middle, the transmission quality is very good within 7 meters, and there will be a break point if it exceeds 8 meters! The connection between Bluetooth devices over 10 meters will be lost.

noise cancelling earphone bluetooth usage:Bluetooth pairing

1. Click the Bluetooth setting in the phone settings, select “Enable”, and finish. This opens the Bluetooth support function of the phone.
2. When the Bluetooth headset is off, press and hold the headset multi-function button MFB for more than 3 seconds, and wait for the blue indicator light on the headset to light up (1, note that it is always on. The pairing process is always on, not flashing or not on. 2. Some parts The device flashes red and blue alternately), at this time the Bluetooth headset is already in a searchable state.
3. Open the Bluetooth option on the phone and search. After the headset is successfully searched, the name and model of the Bluetooth headset will be displayed on the list, click OK.

NFC pairing
Noise cancelling earphone bluetooth usage: that support NFC function can be paired with a touch of a mobile phone with NFC function, eliminating the traditional cumbersome pairing process.

The benefits of noise cancelling earphone bluetooth usage::
1. Put on a Bluetooth headset to talk on the phone or do other things;
2. The electromagnetic wave of the Bluetooth headset is much lower than that of the mobile phone. When talking on the phone, you only need to put the mobile phone in your briefcase or pocket, and wear the headset to talk easily. It does not need to raise your hands high, and it can effectively reduce the electromagnetic wave to the human body. influences;
3. “Bluetooth” technology replaces the application of infrared technology in PC and mobile phone communication products with the advantages of low cost, low power consumption, short distance, high frequency (frequency hopping technology) and high confidentiality.

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