In the recently years, bone conduction glasses have become the focus of attention. More and more people like it,  but do You know what are the best Bone Conduction glasess?


Bone conduction glasses provide a new wireless technology-the ability to use the vibration of the inner ear to generate sound waves.

The bone conduction transducer guides the tiny vibrations of the ear cartilage from behind the ear to the inner ear, and produces sound without clogging or covering the ear.

Coupled with the latest artificial intelligence applications, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, you have a powerful new market for potential customers.

When you change the lens of the glasses from sunglasses to blue-proof indoor glasses suitable for working behind a computer screen, you provide a wealth of options for potential buyers.

You have unparalleled environmental awareness and comfortable glasses, as long as you operate them properly.


As artificial intelligence is very popular today, every company tries to connect their products with artificial intelligence, naming them smart glasses, artificial intelligence assistants, or displaying their products as integrated artificial intelligence chips to help the wearer record And analyze their daily lives. The combination of bone conduction technology and artificial intelligence seems to be the future trend.

But after stripping off the excess accessories and observing the bone conduction glasses, I want to know, are they really worth it?

  • Bone Conduction Technology: glasses open ear design protects your hearing for extensive time and you can hear the surrounding when do sports outdoor listening music. If you need a higher volume, just plug sponge in ears.
  • Whole New Music Listing Experience: glasses provide crispy human listening solution, no matter you are driving, jogging or fishing in a long time, almost feel nothing on your ears with weight only 30g.
  • Long Lasting Playtime: build-in rechargeable lithium battery (250mAh/3.8V) for up to 4-5 hours continuous music. Charging time: 2 hours, Standby up to 3 days.
  • Replaceable Lens Fit for Different Need: You could take the frame to local shop for a replacement of prescription or sunglasses lens. One frame meet all your needs.
  • Durable Design: IP 67 waterproof design suitable for outdoor sports, no worry for rain or water. No extra weight with additional speaker. Have fun now!

Many traditional sunglasses brands, such as VocalSkull, have joined the bone conduction game and launched multiple versions of sunglasses.

In 2018 and 2019, many new developers in this field brought their projects to crowdfunding platforms such as indiogo and Kickstarter.

Judging from the amount of funding received from projects such as VUE smart glasses and MusicLens, the bone conduction  glassess market will be huge in 2021 and beyond.

The best bone conduction smart glasses are the ones you can hold in your hand.


By listening with bone conduction technology, you will not block your ears. This will give you the advantage to be aware of your environment, even when you are walking or running, while listening to music or answering the phone. This is very important to reduce the risk of accidents.

In addition, due to the unique wearing style, it provides a more comfortable experience and helps to keep clean ears.

In addition, bone conduction is another opportunity for some people with hearing loss.

In the past, they needed to surgically implant a device to convert the sound transmitted through the air into vibration.

Now, this process could be replaced by these commercial bone conduction devices on the market, without any risks a surgery would possibly bring.Apart from that, for some high noise working environments, bone conduction definitely sounds better (more efficient) than traditional earbuds with your ears blocked by earplugs.So do you need bone conduction?Not necessarily. But it does help to improve your life quality if you fit in the using scenarios.


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