Bone conduction is more and more popluar on market, lots of people like the bone conduction technology, and use the bone conduction headphones and glasses. But do you know What Are Bone Conduction Technology and Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conduction is a kind of sound conduction mode, that is, the sound is transformed into mechanical vibration of different frequencies, through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymphatic fluid, spiral apparatus, auditory nerve, auditory center to transmit sound waves.


Bone conduction is basically a non-standard way of sound transmission. All old-fashioned headphones transmit sound through the air, which means that the sound passes from the sound generator (headphone) through the air, passes through your outer ear, middle ear and inner ear, reaches the eardrum, and then reaches the cochlea. Bone conduction headphones use bone to transmit sound, not air. In this way, the sound can bypass your outer ear and middle ear (and tympanic membrane) and directly reach your inner ear.

This simple difference between old school earphones and bone conduction headphones leads to all the differences in design and working principle, and it makes them suitable for different things.The characteristic of bone conduction glasses/headphones is that there are small vibration speakers/sensors on your cheekbones, instead of the standard mini speakers in ordinary headphones and earphones. The sounds they make can be heard, but they also vibrate, and these vibrations travel through your bones. This “tiny” difference in working principle accounts for all the advantages and disadvantages of bone conduction headphones.

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The Advantages of Bone Conduction Headphones

Because of their working principle, bone conduction glasses/headphones will not cover your ears, so you can notice everything that is happening around you. So, if you must pay attention to traffic (when cycling or running), or you must maintain communication with your colleagues, bone conduction glasses/earphones are the best choice. The reason why bone conduction sunglasses are better than headphones is that they have extra sun protection. These two points are the most important advantages of bone conduction glasses for people with normal hearing, but there are more important things that make bone conduction glasses and headphones so good.

Because bone conduction headhones do not need to put earplugs in ears, it can keep the inside of the ear canal clean and hygienic. At the same time, the surface of bone conduction earphones is smooth and easy to clean, while traditional air conduction earphones are prone to deposit bacteria. Therefore, bone conduction Earphones are also very helpful to the health of the ears.

If your hearing is impaired, especially if your condition is related to the outer or middle ear (conductive hearing loss), bone conduction glasses/headphones are not only your best choice-they are the only choice. They do not treat all types of hearing impairment, you must consult your doctor before buying.

The Disadvantages of Bone Conduction Headphones

The biggest disadvantage of bone conduction glasses is the sound quality. Even the most expensive glasses/earphones cannot really compete with ordinary earphones (or cheaper earphones) of the same price. They are definitely not suitable for critical listening. If your only or most important concern is sound quality, and you don’t have any hearing impairment, these glasses/headphones are not for you.


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