On the markets, more and more Headphones have been liked by people, but bone conduction headphones has become the focus of attention. More and more people are using them,  but do You know How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

Summer is the best time to go for a run, bike ride or take a leisurely stroll around the city. Listening to music with headphones is a good way to enjoy these activities. Busy traffic and potential hazards are everywhere. They will isolate you from the environment and pose a major safety risk. Fortunately, advances in hearing technology can help. Bone conduction headphones use acoustic methods to provide an innovative way to listen to music while still being aware of the surrounding environment.

Bone conduction headphones advantages:

  • Innovative Bone Conducting Headphones – A smart alternative to in-ear earbuds or over-ear headphones, bone conduction gives you high-fidelity sound with improved comfort and clarity without limiting external world sounds.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity –  headphone can connect to a variety of your favorite Bluetooth-compatible devices, including a smart watch, tablet, tablet, iOS or Android devices, and much more.
  • Comfortable, Lightweight Design – The full wrap-around format of our open ear Bluetooth headphones hugs your head and right behind the ears, creating a more form-fit experience that won’t slip or slide around during long runs or workouts.
  • High-Fidelity Sound and Microphone – Our open ear wireless headphones offer dynamic range and deep bass to give you premier sound quality for any music genre and feature a built-in mic for hands-free phone calls.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life – Bluetooth headphones a rechargeable battery that provides up to six hours of continuous use, providing a reliable listening and talking experience for home, travel, workout, and on-the-go use.

Although most sounds are transmitted to our eardrums through the air, bone conduction headphones rely on the vibrations of the head and jawbone to transmit sound. The sound of these headphones bypasses the eardrum and travels directly to the inner ear. Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) have been using this sound transmission method for many years to help people with hearing difficulties.

Interestingly, this process of sound transmission is exactly how we can hear our own voice. The famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven (Ludwig van Beethoven) was famous for discovering this way of listening, and he eventually became deaf. By biting his composer’s wand and pressing it on his piano, he can transmit sound waves into physical vibrations. In this way, he can “hear” and create his famous works.

Unlike traditional earphones, bone conduction earphones are located on the outside of the ear. In this way, people’s ear canal can receive surrounding sounds, and at the same time can transmit music through portable devices. This makes bone conduction a wise choice for people who are keen on cycling, running or walking, who like to listen to music while remaining alert and aware of their surroundings.

Users said that the bone conduction headset is very comfortable to wear and the sound quality is good. Due to their open-ear design, these headphones may be helpful for anyone with hearing loss and hearing aids. They are also potentially helpful for tinnitus patients because they allow surrounding sounds to enter the ear canal and may be effective as a masking solution for patients with this condition.

Although compared with traditional earphones, bone conduction earphones have some safety and design advantages, but when music or sound is played at a high volume, bone conduction earphones can still damage hearing.

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