We think of outing activities as the pinnacle of personal freedom and family entertainment time. This is an opportunity for us to be bound and bound so that we can experience the grand feeling of life, nature or world adventure for ourselves.When we think of outdoors and running, we always need to pay attention to our environment. When you are outside, you often want to listen to music or other media.More and more people are using the Bone Conduction Headphones , but do You know how to Choosing the Best Bone Conduction Headphones?

When we want to go out for exercise in the city, we need to focus on the existing dangers. For example, cars don’t pay attention to intersections and wild animals hunt for food. If you don’t realize it, these may be dangerous. What we didn’t expect is that the trouble of keeping the ears open is a viable possibility, and if you focus on the best bone conduction headphones, all this changes.


If you are like me and like to listen to your own music, podcasts or other audio, then you know this is difficult. Most people think that if you wear headphones, you obviously won’t hear anything else. This is a problem for people like me. If there is no steady noise to keep me busy, I cannot concentrate. I’m a weirdo and I need psychedelic music, drums and bass, dubstep or similar music to keep playing in my ears to keep the music normal.

There must be a better way-thank goodness, with bone conduction headphones, there must be a better way.With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you should look for in a pair of bone conduction headphones, which options are top of the market, and which of those are the best suited for your next trip.

The Bone Conduction Headphones Buyer’s Guide: 6 Things to Consider

No matter whether planning to go on a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail or just on a local neighborhood run you and anyone interested in bone conduction headphones will want to take the following factors into consideration.

The Price

Let’s face it, this is obviously the most important thing, almost everyone is looking for new equipment. I know this is one of the factors that motivate you to make a choice, and it will also indicate to a large extent whether your bone conduction headset is right for you.

The price is high on my list, because if you want good, long-lasting headphones, you need to spend money. If you buy cheap bone conduction headphones from China, they will be very cheap, but they will always break.


The Battery Life

The battery life is a big problem for most people, because you don’t need to charge it for a long time. I now prefer the 8-hour lifespan because it allows me not to charge for a whole day.

As the cost drops, you will get worse battery performance, because it is they will cut costs to get cheaper products. What I want to say is that you usually don’t want to buy a set of bone conduction headphones that don’t have an active life of at least 6 hours.


The Durability

When you look at it, you want to find one that has at least one metal to give it some strength, because all plastics have a tendency to crack and break because it is used.

Aftershokz produces the best and most durable bone conduction earphones on the market because they started using titanium and metal in the earphone band to ensure long life and elasticity.


The Water Resistance

As water resistance goes this will highly depend on your use and what weather is typical around where you will use them. If you are prone to large volumes of rain then looking for the better IPxx rating for at least water resistant is important.


The Weight

You can feel every ounce on your head, which seems silly, but the more weight you place, even on a cycle, you will feel more. Because they are not arched, but resting on top of your head, your ears will be the main force supporting them.

This sounds silly, but I can tell you that on the first titanium plate I bought, if you wear it for a few hours, you can feel signs of wear on your ears. When I bought air, they were hardly noticed, which is a good change!

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