When you are looking to purchase bone conduction headphones you may have some understanding of how they work but not in-depth knowledge. What you may wonder about though is how they hold up when the world gets noisy, so are bone conduction headphones good in loud environments?

Bone conduction is a kind of sound conduction mode, that’s the sound is transformed into mechanical vibration of different frequencies, through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymphatic fluid, spiral apparatus, auditory nerve, auditory center to transmit sound waves.

Compared with the classical sound conduction method of producing sound waves through diaphragm, bone conduction eliminates many steps of sound wave transmission, and can achieve clear sound restoration in noisy environment, and the sound waves will not affect others because of the diffusion in the air.Bone conduction technology is divided into bone conduction speaker technology and bone conduction microphone technology:

(1) Bone conduction loudspeaker technology is used for sending words, which is to listen to the sound.Air-conducting loudspeakers convert electrical signals into sound waves (vibration signals) that are transmitted to the auditory nerve.A bone-conduction loudspeaker converts electrical signals into sound waves (vibration signals) that travel directly through the bone to the auditory nerve.The transmission medium of sound waves (vibration signals) is different.

(2) Bone conduction microphone technology is used for receiving speech, which is to collect sound.Air conduction is when sound waves travel through the air to a microphone, while bone conduction is transmitted directly through the bone.

The earphones made of these bone conduction technologies are called bone conduction earphones, also known as bone guide earphones, bone sensing earphones, bone transmission earphones and bone sensing earphones.


They themselves may cause problems for the wearer because they do not block the ear canal, and all normal sounds are processed by the ear, which leads to sensory overload. This is why many products come with earplugs.

Now let’s take a closer look at what bone conduction headphones are and what makes them sound better in a specific environment. Although they are excellent for many purposes, for most people, they are not as effective as ordinary headphones in many cases.


Bone conduction headphones features

(1) Bone conduction speaker technology headset:

When wearing and using, the ears are open and the ears are not blocked, which solves the discomfort of wearing the in-ear earphones.

It also avoids a series of hygiene and health problems caused by ear sweat during exercise.Therefore, bone conduction speaker headphones are very suitable for sports use.

The open ears also make it possible for headphones to be used in dangerous situations.With both ears open, you can notice the changes of the surrounding environment while using the earphone, making it safer to use.

(2) Bone conduction microphone technology headset:

The loss is low because the sound is collected at a short distance.It can make the other party know clearly the instruction of expression even when the voice is very small. It is mainly used in the military field.

Why do they perform poorly in noisy places?

The bone technology works by creating reverberation on the bones of the cheeks and surrounding areas. Although this produces a good sound in most environments, bones have some problems in noisy environments.

This is because normal hearing receives sound at the same time and processes both sounds at the same time, and it seems that you should be able to focus your body on the basis of receiving sound through your ears.

The last point is that bone-applicable headphones are suitable for noisy environments

Although they themselves may not be the best in noisy environments, the use cases are not specifically for noisy environments, but around environments where you can be heard.

If you use cortical headphones, you can remove the extra input from the ear canal, which will greatly improve your ability to listen to music in a noisy environment.

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